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Anti-aging skin care is not just for women, in fact, most men can benefit from Botox and/or dermal fillers if they are looking to smooth or eliminate wrinkles and fine lines. Many men that come to BelleSoul think they don’t know any other guys who have undergone treatment – so here’s a few FAQs about “Brotox” for first timers or those who are considering treatment – see more Botox FAQs here.

Do Men Get Botox?

Anti-aging Treatments in in Scarborough, Me

Usually men have more of an interest in minimally invasive cosmetic procedures that are quick and with little downtime. Botox if one of the most popular procedures used by men. Botox injections are quick, easy and safe way to improve the appearance, boost self-esteem and regain confidence without invasive procedures and downtime. Botox is very effective in combating early signs of aging. Botox helps the face look more relaxed and youthful without altering the anatomy or creating an unnatural look.

What are some common areas for men to get Botox?

The most common places men get Botox is around the eyes to prevent crow’s feet, between the eyebrows to target frown lines, the forehead to reduce creases, and eyebrow lift to help with the heavy eyelids. Another popular treatment for men is using Botox to treat underarm excessive sweating (FDA approved treatment).

Can I have Botox done and return back to work without anyone knowing?

Absolutely. Botox often times called “The lunchtime procedure”. Most visits are easy and quick,10-15 minutes in duration with no downtime. If you are a new client, the initial visit might take a little longer, but after that visits are typically quick.

Why do men usually need more Botox than women?

Often times men require a higher dose than an average female due to larger muscle mass. At BelleSoul Aesthetics we take time to evaluate each face, learn about goals and expectations and customize dosing in order to receive ideal amount of relaxation and desired look.

Botox vs. Fillers

Often times both are used together to improve the appearance, to prevent/reduce wrinkles and smooth lines. While the process of getting Botox is basically the same for men and women, there are still some differences as discussed above. When men request fillers to replace volume loss, the areas injected would be slightly different to keep in mind the differences between female and male facial anatomy. Dermal fillers provide an instant lifting and smoothing of the skin resulting in a more youthful and rested look. The most common areas we are seeing men get injected are nasolabial folds, mid face volume replacement, jawline enhancement and chin.

Would you like to learn more? BelleSoul offers a complimentary consultation so you can get the treatment plan that is customized for your needs. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.