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SkinVive by Juvederm

SkinVive by Juvederm

SkinVive by Juvederm is first and only FDA-approved hyaluronic acid (HA) microdroplet injectable in the US indicated to improve skin smoothness of the cheeks. This first-of-its-kind product boosts skin’s natural hydration level from the inside (designed to help the skin retain its natural moisture and softness), leaving your complexion looking hydrated, plump, and vibrant for up to 6 months. Think of SkinVive as a skin quality treatment that works beneath the surface to improve cheek smoothness for healthier-looking skin.

Who Is A Candidate For SkinVive?

  • SkinVive is suitable for both men and women of all ages who are looking to achieve a more
    youthful, glowing, balanced and rejuvenated appearance.
  • SkinVive is FDA-approved for all Fitzpatrick Skin Types I-VI, lightest to darkest.
  • Anyone with dull-looking skin who could benefit from hydration, especially during the colder and drier winter months.
  • Looking to improve smoothness and fine lines in the cheeks.
  • Seeks refreshed, healthy and more youthful looking skin.
  • Looking for a treatment that doesn’t disturb daily activities, has downtime or requires a series
    of treatments.

What To Expect During SkinVive by Juvederm Treatment?

  • The numbing cream will be applied prior to ensure that you have a pleasant and pain-free experience. SkinVive also contains Lidocaine for additional comfort.
  • Multiple microdroplet injections-where a small amount of product is injected just below the
    skin-are performed on each cheek. The product is designed to promote hydration within the skin for a smoother, healthier, glowing appearance.
  • The treatment itself is quick with no downtime.
  • Minimize strenuous activities/exercise, exposure to extensive sun or heat, and alcoholic beverages within the first 24 hours following treatment.

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